Training for manufacturing companies

To take advantage of new technology beeing developmed all around us we constantly need to find time for learning and exploration. Therfore SkyMaker provides different training packages within focus on flexible automation, automated small batch manufacturing and mass customization. Suitable for both technicial and management personel.

Training packages with Technology focus

  • Introduction to Code – Learn how to use code and scripts as a tool for automating everything from sales to manufacturing (javascript/typescript)
  • Start developing 3D Configurators – Learn how to develop online and interactive CAD tools with the help of the cloud service DynaMaker.
  • Integration & APIs – Learn how to connect systems and handle boundaries between different functionality

Trainign packages with Mangement focus

  • Discover Automation Potential – Learn how to map the company inner workflows and identify potential for automation through digitization.
  • Seminar with Industry cases – Learn examples of where others manufacturing companies are today in their automation projects. And find out how others have tackled the potential of flexible automation.

We can also customize a training package suitable for your team