Reference Customers

During the last couple of years we have been working with different industrial companies, mostly in Sweden, to automate their processes around customized ordering and special products. Here follows a few example customers who are using our tools and methods.

Garantell AB – The mesh factory without machine setup times

The family company Garantell AB manufactures wire mesh products and have during the last couple of years fully automated the factory and digitized the infrastructure. The end customer can now customize their orders themselves in Garantells B2B online portal. Quotation, order handling and manufacturing are handled fully automatic.

At SkyMaker we have provided solutions for product specific drawing tools, configurators and to automate the process all the way down to the manufacturing machines.

Garantell was awarded as Swedens Smartest Industry in 2019 thanks to their approach to automation throughout the company.

Strömsholmen AB – Customized baseplates for Tool & Die

The company Strömsholmen AB are a world leader in gas spring solutions and have a big range of products within the application area. A big portion of the products are design and manufactured according to a traditional modular strategy, but they also have a lot of products being offered as custom and are manufactured to order. One example of the latter is the product Hoseless Baseplates for providing gas linking between gas springs.

Online design tool for creating custom baseplates for Tool & Die

With the help of SkyMakers cloud service DynaMaker, an online design tool been developed to enable tool makers to be guided through the customization of a Baseplate before quote and order, and handle quoting and ordering fully automatic.