Swedens Smartest Industry 2019

Today we are proud to announce that our customer Garantell AB have been awarded with the price for Swedens Smartest industry by the Royal Swedish Academy for Engineering Sciences (IVA).

The competition runs yearly together with Siemens and Teknikföretagen and aims to highlight new digital technology. Garantell have today several dynamic tools from SkyMaker that automates all the way from Garantells customers to their fully automated production lines in the factory in Värnamo.

“SkyMaker have helped us to really get CAD accessible on the web and often they have got us to raise the level of automation above our initial plans with their solutions and ideas.” – Erik Axelsson, Head of R&D at Garantell

Together with a modern e-commerce solution fully focused on B2B-customers, and a fully automated factory in Värnamo, the company Garantell really leads the way for how to manufacture profitable and flexible here in Sweden.

“The entrepreneur is the engine that drives development towards the future of enterprise. To support Sweden we need to reward the companies that is driving change. Garantell have built one of Swedens absolute finest and profitable factories by leveraging the possibilities with digitization” – Johan Carlstedt, project leader for Smart Industri at IVA (authors translation).

Read more on IVAs homepage.

Photo: Mikael Axelsson, VD Garantell. Photo by: Per Westgård

Public launch of our cloudservice DynaMaker

We have now launched our cloud service DynaMaker fully public on www.dynamaker.com so that small and medium enterprises can themselves build dynamic tools for online product configuration and mass customization.

The tool is fully cloud based and enables manufacturing companies to build dynamic tools for 3D configuration, guided drawing and parametric customization of specific products that they manufacture. And continuously publish new versions so the tools can be accessed by the customers.

The cloud service is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) and you can sign up and pick a suitable pricing plane directly on dynamaker.com/pricing