Making Custom the New Normal

At SkyMaker we believe that customized products should be the new normal. With our expertise and our technical solutions we make it possible for manufacturing companies to automate all the way from the end customers to the factory floor. With focus on CAD and dynamic descriptions of customization rules we have the tools to let the end customer do the customization work themselves before quote and order.

DynaMaker – The Cloud Service for CAD & Automation

Our cloud service DynaMaker is the tool to enable automation of the entire process between end customer and the factory floor for customized product. It’s a tool to provide a standardized way to capture the dynamic rules, CAD, 3D and manufacturing instructions needed to let the end customer do the customization. It also simplifies the process of integrating the dynamic tools into the existing IT infrastructure.

Visit to learn more about the tool, or contact and let us help you get an introduction and showcase what can be done with the platform.

Services – Education and Consultancy

It’s not easy to know where to start in this age of digitization. Luckily, we provide help on several levels:

  • Education & seminars for management – digitization and automation strategy for the dynamic factory
  • Education & seminars for engineers – from CAD and code training to strategies for interfaces and automation
  • Development support for setup of dynamic tools and automation of special products

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